Over time, every machine goes through a natural obsolescence process that affects its performance and productivity, increases the need for maintenance and the risk of serious failures.

However, you can fight obsolescence and the resulting risk of downtime thanks to targeted revamping. Marcello Zappaterra, Business Development Manager - MRO at Bonfiglioli Engineering, explains how a machine’s life can be extended through upgrades that directly impact its performance, accessibility, and productivity.


Machine upgrades and revamps: All the advantages for your business

An equipment upgrade involves replacing old mechanical, electronic and/or technological components with next-generation ones, identical to those used in the company’s latest models.

This type of intervention is fundamental for equipment which is designed to last over 30 years. In a machine that is used for such a long time, both mechanical and electronic elements inevitably age. Upgrading fights obsolescence by replacing the machine’s “command center”, while modifying its characteristics as little as possible.

There are many advantages to revamping that offer concrete outcomes in both the short and long terms:

  • Benefits from advanced technologies delivering better performance in terms of efficiency, stability, and ease of use
  • Installation of commercial equipment, so that parts are easy to be found in case of unforeseen events, without having to order them from the parent company
  • The operators using the machine continue working with a tool they are familiar with, but with updated components resulting in improved efficiency
  • Significantly extend the machine’s life, which also helps to reduce costs
  • Reduce machine management costs
  • Limit the number of maintenance operations due to breakage, increased false rejection rates and unexpected malfunctions
  • Seize an opportunity to train and update staff, helping them become more autonomous in performing ordinary maintenance
  • Avoid production downtime caused by mechanical or technological issues
  • Implement some features of Industry 4.0 even on older machines




Bonfiglioli Engineering’s upgrade service: custom-built for you

All Bonfiglioli Engineering’s packaging integrity machines are created based on customers’ needs and the characteristics of their production lines. Our revamping services are no exception. Just like the design of a new machine, equipment upgrades are customized, starting with an analysis of the machine's characteristics and performance through discussions with customers to focus on their needs and expectations. Bonfiglioli Engineering doesn’t simply provide customers with technologically advanced machines, we work with them over time to offer upgrades and advice for equipment management and maintenance, based on an intimate understanding of the machine and the needs that led to certain choices being made at the design phase of development.

An equipment upgrade is nothing more than a step further on the long journey that Bonfiglioli Engineering and the customer embark together, collaborating to determine how to intervene on the machine, and what changes to make for desired results.  

In the framework of this philosophy, the upgrades Bonfiglioli Engineering offers its customers aren’t part of a pre-packaged deal, but an important moment of exchange where we inform our customers about the potential of their machine, enabling them to choose freely whether and how to intervene on it.




The types of upgrades Bonfiglioli Engineering provides

As has been described, the upgrade service is tailored to each customer and can be divided into different levels of intervention:

  • Replacement of mechanical components
  • Replacement of mechanical and electronic components (e.g. electrical panel)
  • Replacement of all the machine’s electronics
  • Replacement of all obsolete components, both hardware and software
  • Implementation of new user interfaces
  • Implementation of new reporting services providing information on the machine’s operation
  • Implementation of features allowing remote machine access

All these interventions are studied together with the customer to avoid prolonged production downtime. They play a fundamental role not only in extending the life of the machinery, but also in allowing our customers to have the most technologically advanced tools available on the market, at their call.

We are not just a machine manufacturer. We are your trusted partner for packaging integrity testing and analysis through feasibility studies, technical expertise, validation packages, product handling and custom-built solutions.

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