The F&B industry is required to provide intact perishable goods that last throughout their shelf lives and maintain the nutritional value they claim to offer. At the same time, the industry must improve production efficiencies, speed, and time to market while ensuring product safety. Challenges like production downtime and false rejects can slow down production and be costly for the companies.

Bonfiglioli Engineering’s RLD 400 series of leak testers are advanced automated packaging inspection systems designed to operate online, testing 100% of the production effectively, in a non-destructive way. The series includes four models with similar design and performance, but testing different types of packaging:

  • RLD 400 A tests pre-filled metal aerosol cans, such as those used in the cosmetic industry.

  • RLD 400 BS tests bottles or packaging made of composite materials, such as milk containers. It checks for leaks in the lid area, for example.

  • RLD 400 EC inspects empty containers to check that the packaging is free from leaks before being filled.

  • RLD 400 DC inspects lidded containers destined to contain edible products: yoghurt containers, pre-cooked food trays, ready meals, beverage containers, etc.

What makes this model unique is that a leak test is paired with a lid test: a special sensor inspects the correct positioning of the lid and the machine signals the presence of any swelling that indicates the product inside the container is contaminated. Bonfiglioli Engineering’s RLD 400 DC can help you protect brand integrity by providing container and seal integrity in one test.


Advantages of the RLD 400 DC Leak Tester:


  • Zero downtime: the machine is designed to operate without interruption; the test heads of the RLD 400 DC are designed to be extracted individually and without stopping the tester, so maintenance can be performed with zero downtime. Additionally, maintenance and recovery operations can be performed by in-house technicians, with no need for specialized training or equipment, since the test heads can easily be extracted individually, without stopping the machine.

  • Automatic Head Exclusion: for uninterrupted operations, the machine has an automatic exclusion system which excludes heads that have gotten wet during testing and that could provide wrong results in subsequent measurements, thereby eliminating possibilities of errors too.

  • High speed testing: capable of testing up to 500 containers per minute; testing speed is adjustable to suit a variety of production lines and configurations.

  • Format change system: Bonfiglioli Engineering equipment can be customized to best suit the customer’s line; a slide can be included that is easy and quick to assemble and dismantle, facilitating the inspection of products of different sizes.

  • Automatic rejection of failed results: If an irregularity is detected in the lid position test, the contaminated product is discarded immediately even before proceeding with the leak test.

  • Double cam to increase sensitivity and reduce testing times: the machine tests products of any size quickly and efficiently. With the double cam, the product is inserted into the test chamber by means of a carriage that drops and lowers the upper part of the bell. This means the lower part of the bell can be constructed to exactly replicate the shape of the container, increasing test sensitivity and reducing the time required to obtain the result.



The RLD 400 DC can be personalized according to customer requirements. Bonfiglioli Engineering partners with its clients right from consultation and design of the system to help support the customer, improving the entire production process, reducing downtime, guaranteeing protection of perishable goods, and ensuring brand reputation for companies.

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