While designed to provide years of reliable service, every industrial machine inevitably requires maintenance, and some parts or systems may eventually become obsolete. Mechanical parts are subject to wear and if not carefully monitored can cause malfunctions that lead to production downtime. Technology changes over time, and software can become obsolete or cause problems, requiring immediate replacement. 

Keeping your operations online and ensuring your testing equipment is in good repair and functioning optimally requires that you are able to obtain spare parts. Your testing equipment manufacturer should be able to provide the following:



A reliable supply of spare parts

Whether for scheduled maintenance or to resolve an emergency, when you need spare parts, you don’t want to wait. You must be able to rely on your equipment manufacturer to provide the parts you need without delay. No matter where you are in the world, you should be able to obtain parts that are either manufacturer by the same company that manufactured your testing equipment or by an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) that meets all required quality standards.


Maintaining a supply of spare parts on-site can help you get back online even more quickly. Your equipment manufacturer should have an in-depth understanding of the equipment you have in service, and be able to suggest a list of parts that experience normal wear and tear, and often require replacement as part of the expected equipment lifecycle. Having the required part on hand enables you to perform repairs (either alone or with the remote guidance of the support team) and get back online without having to wait for the required parts to be shipped to you.


Guidance on maintenance

The company that designs and installs your testing equipment should also help you establish a maintenance schedule that also includes replacement of certain components. Planning preventive maintenance ahead of time, and ensuring you have the relevant parts on-hand, ensures that maintenance can be completed quickly and on schedule, minimizing downtime and helping extend the life of your equipment.


Advice and components for upgrades

The lifecycle of many pieces of testing equipment allows for upgrades in technology and mechanics that can help you maintain or even increase your test sensitivities, handling capabilities, and overall quality and efficiency. Collaborating with an expert partner is fundamental to identifying opportunities for upgrades and planning changes to minimize interruption to your operations.



Bonfiglioli Engineering partners with our customers around the world to provide optimal leak inspection and package integrity solutions for a range of industries. Our experienced and industry-leading support team can help you develop a plan for maintenance, provide remote or on-site guidance through repairs, and identify upgrade opportunities. Contact Bonfiglioli Engineering to find out how we can help you prepare for the unexpected.

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