Every industrial machine designed and developed to have a long lifespan, inevitably undergoes a physiological aging process or obsolescence, that can lead to some of its components requiring replacement. 

Mechanical parts are subject to wear and if not carefully monitored can cause malfunctions that may also lead to production downtime, while software components can become obsolete or cause problems requiring immediate replacement. 




That is why, when installing a new machine, you need to ensure you can depend on an efficient source of spare parts supply to optimally manage both emergencies that may arise during production and scheduled maintenance.

Here are some of the services the system manufacturer must be able to provide to ensure that you are able to address unforeseen issues and optimize performance:

  • Supply of original spare parts: in the event of breakage, malfunction or other unexpected events requiring immediate replacement of certain system components, the manufacturer must be able to quickly supply the customer with original spare parts that are guaranteed and technologically advanced. The speed of intervention is important in these cases since component breakage can force the customer to shut down production entirely. Therefore, it is important that the system’s supplier be able to guarantee efficient, timely and reliable service worldwide, providing the customer with spare parts produced internally or by an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) that meets all required quality standards.
  • Supply of equipment fitted with original spare parts: wear and tear are a physiological process for machine components, which also means it is partly standardized and predictable. Therefore, the system manufacturer can provide one or more sets of spare parts at the time of installation for storage at the customer’s warehouse for use when necessary or after a certain period. In this way, the customer can operate confidently, knowing that it can replace worn out parts quickly and with no organizational or logistic difficulties. The supplier’s experience and in-depth knowledge of the system's operation are fundamental to provide the customer with efficient service: knowledge of the equipment ensures the supplier is able to precisely and reliably predict the wear of its components, the need for necessary spare parts and the timing of the intervention.
  • Regular supply of spare parts: thanks to its knowledge of the installed automation system, the manufacturer can suggest which spare parts should always be readily available, providing, if necessary, a regular supply of all components that must be replaced with a certain frequency and that should therefore always be kept in stock. 
  • Maintenance: the company designing and installing the system can establish a maintenance schedule that also includes replacement of certain components. By providing all the necessary spare parts in advance and replacing them before they break, maintenance can be completed quickly, according to a schedule, to minimize production downtime.
  • Assistance and revamps: the supply of spare parts is fundamental even for systems that have been in use for many years, to upgrade them and improve their performance through the replacement of certain technological or mechanical components. Collaboration with an expert and competent partner is fundamental to devise a system upgrade project together, determining which parts should be replaced and intervention times that will impact company operations as little as possible. If the customer installs more than one machine supplied by the same manufacturer, a maintenance schedule can be established to work on the automation systems one after the other, upgrading and replacing the obsolete components of each machine without having to interrupt business activity. 




Bonfiglioli Engineering partners with clients to provide optimal leak inspection and packaging integrity solutions globally ensuring right from the start that spare parts and long term maintenance are considered by our customers, going a long way to prevent downtime and extend the life of the system itself. 

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