Guaranteeing accurate, repeatable, reliable results requires a deep understanding and control of the production line, including line speeds and handling methods for effectively testing metal packaging such as aluminum cans or tubes, and aerosol cans.

Thanks to our long-term experience with metal container leak testing, Bonfiglioli Engineering has a unique expertise to help you identify and overcome common challenges so you can ensure complete quality in your products

  • Speed

    • Challenge: Metal packaging production lines can run at speeds up to 1200 pieces per minute. To deliver accurate test results, leak testing equipment must be able to match these high speeds.

    • Solution: Bonfiglioli Engineering supports manufacturers by consulting closely with our customers, both during the line design phase and on existing lines. Our engineers work to understand the precise requirements of your line and design testing solutions that realize efficiencies in your production as they deliver repeatable, reliable quality assurance.

  • Precision

    • Challenge: Manufacturers need automated systems that guarantee high levels of quality while avoiding waste, identifying all non-compliant products, without generating false rejects.

    • Solution: Bonfiglioli Engineering provides increasingly advanced software applications working on the design of each head to minimize the empty space inside it. In this way, the machine can guarantee high performance, reaching significant levels of sensitivity.

  • Special care

    • Challenge: In some cases, products contained in metal packaging must be handled with special care, for example, products inside silk-screened containers or ones with special decorations, because rough handling could mark, scratch, or dent the container.

    • Solution: Bonfiglioli Engineering thoroughly studies the materials used in building its machines, replacing anodized steel with Teflon® or another plastic material, for example, to ensure that products are not accidentally crushed or scratched when placed in the testing machine.

  • Flexibility

    • Challenge: Customer's needs can vary over time or for orders with specific characteristics like inspection for different sizes and shapes of containers or diverse line speed requirements.

    • Solution: Each automated system is designed to adapt to the manufacturer's requirements. If, for example, a particularly delicate product needs to be tested, the steel handling tool can be temporarily replaced with a plastic one to prevent accidental damage during testing.

  • Industry 4.0

    • Challenge: Manufacturers are shifting to Industry 4.0. and replacing equipment to ensure compliance calls for an investment.

    • Solution: Bonfiglioli Engineering metal packaging testing machines are equipped to meet the challenges of Industry 4.0. To ensure companies always get the best out of their automated system, we identify issues early and ensure the system works efficiently and as expected.

Bonfiglioli Engineering’s metal packaging testing solutions can precisely meet manufacturers’ needs and are backed by custom-designed line engineering, guaranteeing precise and reliable results, and integrating seamlessly into the customer's production line.

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