Bonfiglioli Engineering Customer Service's goal has always been to guarantee our customers rapid and effective service whenever needed. In order to continuously improve our customer relationship and become best-in-class, we have developed special tools like the EWON device to provide immediate operational assistance, even remotely, to minimize service time so the customer can resume normal production as quickly as possible.

Today’s technology lets us do even more: using tools like Microsoft HoloLens augmented reality glasses, we can provide customer service in real time, while our customers interact with our technician remotely, perform complex tasks themselves, work on automation and quickly resolving any malfunctions.


HoloLens: How augmented reality glasses work

hololensHoloLens glasses are a headset with a camera. They are adjustable, lightweight, wireless, and comfortable to wear. They connect to Internet via Bluetooth and transmit high-quality images to our customer service engineer for real-time viewing. In this way, our technician can “see” everything the person wearing the glasses sees, even from the other side of the globe, and can guide the operator in performing necessary operations.

H owever, HoloLens’s possibilities do not stop here: its biggest advantage is the extraordinary experience for the wearer who sees both the environment surrounding him and augmented reality at the same time. This augmented reality can be a virtual image of the technician performing the work or a computer screen displaying graphics or diagrams. Therefore, the user is not limited to listening to the instructions given remotely but can see the technician showing how to perform certain actions in real time.

hololens-2When using normal glasses with an integrated camera, the person working on the machine can receive only verbal instructions, but with HoloLens, the operator can be guided by voice, written messages, or gestures. In turn, the person wearing the glasses can communicate with customer service vocally and can use specific gestures to interact with the virtual reality images projected on the glasses. For example, the user can give an ok signal, pause the communication, scroll through a written document, and so on.

This lets the operator using the HoloLens headset to perfectly perceive the characteristics of the real environment around them, recording it through the camera and transmitting the images to customer service. At the same time, the user sees virtual images that guide their gestures and allow them to work safely and precisely.

In using the HoloLens headset, many interventions, even complex ones, can be done by non-specialized personnel, who are guided step-by-step through gestures, spoken and written words.

How augmented reality glasses improve customer service

HoloLens augmented reality glasses can also improve the quality and efficiency of customer care.

  • No matter where the machine is located, HoloLens lets us provide immediate assistance 24 hours a day, six days a week, avoiding extended production shutdowns while the customer waits for external technicians to arrive.

  • HoloLens saves money as a single internal employee can do the work.

  • HoloLens helps overcome language barriers, since the user can be guided not only by voice but also by written messages, arrows, graphics, and gestures.

  • HoloLens can be used for training in addition to emergency work. Our service team used them effectively for this purpose during the COVID-19 pandemic when we could not send specialized personnel to our customers’ sites.

  • In perspective, HoloLens can be used as a remote training tool to display pre-loaded tutorials, that do not require the presence of a customer service representative. This will allow our customers’ employees to attend training sessions remotely to improve their knowledge of the automated system they use and improve their autonomy in managing even extremely complex machines.


Bonfiglioli Engineering offers its customers all the advantages offered by this tool when they add it to their customer service subscription.

Learn about our Brazilian dealer and client’s experience on remote support with Bonfiglioli Engineering. Download the interview below.


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