3D printing offers great benefits for industries wanting to grow performance, increase competitiveness and offer their customers technologically advanced, cost-effective and customised products, as they work to increase efficiency and connectivity within the framework of the Industry 4.0 paradigm.

This type of tool makes it possible to quickly develop prototypes on which performance testing can be done directly in the laboratory. Data from these tests are then used to find solutions to optimise all production phases and improve the entire production chain.

Bonfiglioli Engineering uses 3D printing in the model development phase to ensure we offer innovative and high-performance machines to the market. It also enables us to respond quickly to customers’ needs for customised integrity testing solutions for products having special characteristics. We benefit by using 3D printing to shorten our response time to customer requests while providing safe, cost-effective and optimised solutions without having to depend on third-party products or intervention. 3D printing also guarantees exceptional accuracy and reliability. 

3D printing: How it works and how it benefits business

3D printing, also known by the acronym “AM” (Additive Manufacturing), creates objects based on three-dimensional computer models. The printer uses these models as the starting point from which to produce the desired object by applying successive layers of plastic very quickly. In this way, 3D printing significantly reduces the time required for prototyping. Its great versatility makes it especially useful for all highly industrial sectors requiring customisation because it can produce any type of object in any production sector. 

3D printing also significantly expands the range of design possibilities, freeing manufacturers from the need to build their prototypes using only standard available components. 3D printing lets users produce lightweight and versatile components with unusual shapes, and significantly cuts times and costs. These components can then be tested and analysed to find the best solutions for any company. 


Bonfiglioli Engineering uses 3D printing for improved performance 

Bonfiglioli Engineering uses 3D printers and integrates them with the various tools we use during product design and development. Using 3D printers, our laboratories can:

  • Quickly produce prototypes for use in testing and analysis. This enables us to quickly collect large amounts of data for analysis to identify the best engineering solutions for pharmaceutical product testing, even for packaging with special or non-standard characteristics.
  • Reduce production costs by limiting operating costs and identifying in the laboratory the most cost-effective results
  • Reduce or eliminate production downtime for in-line testing, since testing can be simulated using components printed in the laboratory
  • Respond quickly and efficiently to our customers’ requests, identifying in a very short time solutions that resolve specific production problems
  • Shorten delivery times, minimising production surprises and limiting our dependence on external suppliers

We use 3D printing to produce components for machine development and testing, and improve our production processes while obtaining accurate and reliable results. 

In this way, we can offer our customers optimised machinery that meets their every need, and significantly reduce our response times to customer requests. We can guarantee faster and more efficient service and help our customers develop innovative solutions.

We are not just a machine manufacturer. We are your trusted partner for packaging integrity testing and analysis through feasibility studies, technical expertise, validation packages, product handling and custom-built solutions.

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