Information security is increasingly crucial and manufacturers around the world are concerned about properly storing and protecting their data. The importance of these issues is also demonstrated by the increasing attention devoted to them in international regulations, which require companies to set up increasingly stringent measures to guarantee the integrity of their data.


Bonfiglioli Engineering solutions for data integrity protection

Bonfiglioli Engineering offers a series of solutions that help companies collect, store, and protect their data in a convenient, simple, and yet secure manner.


Daily back up

One of the basic features of all Bonfiglioli Engineering machines is the Daily Backup, which allows for saving production data every 24 hours. The data collected through the backup process is stored in SQL compressed format on a remote location specific to the customer.

If Internet access is not available at the given time, the machine automatically backs up all the data collected and as soon as the connection is re-established, all data is retrieved. To guarantee that the collected data is complete and accurate, all “raw data” is saved for use in generating production reports, alarms, audit trails etc. 

A reporting system, the default automatic batch report generation, that generates PDF reports when each batch is closed has recently been added. These reports are saved on a client network location that could be different from the backup location.


Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

The MES features on Bonfiglioli Engineering automated systems also contribute to logging and monitoring production data. First and second level MES functionalities retrieve data directly from the machine to increase the security of the data transfer process. The first level MES grants access to data history, so information relating to completed production batches can be recovered, while the second level MES provides direct access to the machine’s live data so it can be monitored as it is generated.

While the Daily Backup collects data and fill in gaps due to connectivity issues, the MES ensures all data is stored accurately.




Active Directory 

Bonfiglioli Engineering is committed to providing data security, so data cannot be accessed by anyone without the necessary authorizations. That is why specific Active Directory features that control data permissions and access at the network level are provide.

This combination of functions helps manage the process data generated by Bonfiglioli Engineering machines and ensures the integrity of your data while guaranteeing full compliance with regulations and GMP.

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