Bonfiglioli Engineering, a member of Tasi Group and a renowned Italian company, synonymous to professionalism, expertise and success in the world of Quality Control Solutions for packaging for over 40 years, leaves its old premises in Vigarano Pieve (Ferrara), relocating to the exclusive new headquarters in the industrial area of Ferrara. More than just a change of premises, this development presents the opportunity to create a new approach to spaces, maximizing the wellbeing of employees and continuing to excel in terms of production.

The new production site exploits a pre-existing factory, which has been completely renovated and restructured, in line with the very latest building criteria, guaranteeing reinforcements and re-use of existing structures.

This is the result of a project developed with a team of architects, engineers, surveyors and consultants in various fields including Lean manufacturing; the building renovation work was planned and designed, in many areas from scratch, with a specific focus on people and work activities. The result is the creation of modern, bright spaces equipped with the best technology to guarantee maximum efficiency and full compliance with all environmental and safety regulations, with particular attention to consumption and optimization of resources.

Work included assessment of each structural block, following a monitoring campaign and invasive but non-destructive tests by specialist authorized laboratories.

After renovation and upgrading of every aspect of the building - from a new roof in the production area with safe removal of the old asbestos, to installation of a heating and cooling system based on high-efficiency heat pumps, plus the creation of dedicated construction and testing spaces within the production area - the new site was developed with the most stringent safety standards and guidelines. In addition, an improvement not to be overlooked is the installation of solar panels that will help reduce energy consumption, resulting in economic benefits for the company and, above all, reducing its environmental impact.

The new headquarters stands on a site which covers an area exceeding 10,000 m², with a built-on area of more than 6000 m². This ample space allowed us to create different zones and buildings with distinct characteristics specifically tailored to respond to the various professional requirements. We were able to organize the production area into adjacent zones with communicating spaces, for efficient, functional movement and logistics, both internal and external, designed to boost production.

Every decision made revolves around the quality of life and work of the people in this environment, and nowhere is this attention more evident than in office spaces, with open spaces for conversations with colleagues, helping to build strong, effective relations and meeting rooms featured on every floor, taking into consideration the need to have separate areas to discuss important projects and meet clients. Other spaces, like the lounge area and inner courtyard are designed to promote the wellbeing and comfort of employees, collaborators and clients.

We are not just a machine manufacturer. We are your trusted partner for packaging integrity testing and analysis through feasibility studies, technical expertise, validation packages, product handling and custom-built solutions.

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