Visual Inspection technology uses an image detection system and a set of algorithms to interpret data and identify conditions of non-compliance. 

Visual Inspection technology can detect both cosmetic defects and the particle-size contamination of its contents in product packaging. Inspections carried out by the machine can be summarized as follows: 

Cosmetic inspection where defects referred to the external package and/or defects referred to components of the container itself are investigated. The following irregularities are searched for: 

  • Rubber Stopper Absence 
  • Non-Conforming Rubber Stopper Shape 
  • Flip-Off Absence 
  • Non-Conforming Flip-Off Shape 
  • Non-Conforming Flip-Off Color 
  • Damaged Flip-Off 
  • Non-Conforming Crimp 
  • Dented Aluminium Ring 
  • Scratched Aluminium Ring 
  • Non-Conforming Tip Shape or Ring 
  • Non-Conforming Fill Level 
  • Non-Conforming Content Color 
  • Non-Conforming Container Color 
  • Cosmetic Defect on Neck (cracks, scratches, burns, spots, shape defects) 
  • Cosmetic Defect on Body (cracks, scratches, burns, spots, shape defects) 
  • Cosmetic Defect on Bottom (cracks, scratches, burns, spots, shape defects) 


Particle inspection where contaminated bodies/content inside the product are investigated in detail. The following irregularities are searched for: 

  • Outside particle (Cake) 
  • Cake volume / color / form defects 
  • Outside particle (powder) 
  • Particle contamination, all types, and possibilities (Liquid) 

Bonfiglioli Engineering offers stand-alone and combination AVI solutions for multiple inspection to minimize floor space, guarantee sterility, and offer greater flexibility. 


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