Bonfiglioli Engineering is extremely pleased to announce that we are now represented by SteriTech in Ireland and the UK for all Leak Detection equipment solutions. This partnership is an opportunity to create synergies that make a difference to the packaging industry and further our vision of brand protection for Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical companies.

SteriTech was founded on 1986 and is focused on the regulated GMP pharma and biopharma sectors in the UK and Ireland. They supply, manage and maintain critical process equipment in the life sciences industry to suit the rigorous regulatory requirements and requirements of clients.

Bonfiglioli Engineering enriches SteriTech’s range of solutions by bringing leak detection and packaging integrity equipment into their portfolio, right from lab equipment to complex combination inline solutions, using non-invasive and non-destructive state-of-the-art technologies for optimal packaging inspection.

“From our first meeting, Bonfiglioli demonstrated their talent for creating state of the art equipment, customised solutions and a passion for quality that aligns completely with the SteriTech vision of reference level client support. We are sure our clients in Ireland and the UK will appreciate all aspects of our partnership, from initial feasibility studies through to comprehensive local operational support.”

Darren Mulhall – Managing Director, SteriTech

Both setups are designed to support all customers throughout the product lifecycle and Bonfiglioli Engineering and SteriTech together will collaborate to reach new milestones in the pharmaceutical and biopharma industries by offering best leak detection and quality control equipment to our customers.


We are not just a machine manufacturer. We are your trusted partner for packaging integrity testing and analysis through feasibility studies, technical expertise, validation packages, product handling and custom-built solutions.

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