Decades of experience in implementing leak inspection machines allows for increased efficiency with rapid testing tools that start directly from the needs of the customer and are followed by regular upgrades, as needed, to provide a consistently high performance.

But testing speed and precision are not the only advantages guaranteed by machines of this type: Gianmarco Pincelli, Technical Sales Manager, shared just some of the additional advantages of using Bonfiglioli Engineering machines and technologies.


Automatic intervention systems 

Bonfiglioli Engineering machines can include unique automatic intervention systems that are triggered when required and help minimize production blocks and risks associated with false rejections:

  • Automatic Head Exclusion: this technology is particularly useful when using automations that test liquid products by inserting them into chambers in which a vacuum is created. If an incorrectly closed product wets the test chamber, the results of subsequent tests are inevitably distorted, causing the machine to incorrectly identify compliant products as non-compliant. The Automatic Head Exclusion makes the machine automatically exclude test chambers that are wet inside, for any reason. The machine therefore remains operational. This feature is also useful if one of the test chambers is damaged for any reason: the exclusion of that single chamber allows the machine to continue operating while the part requiring an intervention is being repaired. Likewise, the exclusion of one of the heads is advantageous when one of the chambers rejects all pieces being tested, for unknown reasons. In this case, exclusion of the single chamber prevents false rejections from being generated during the time needed to intervene on the machine and identify the origin of the malfunction.
  • Recovery Speed Adjustment: this instrument is closely related to the Automatic Head Exclusion and intervenes on the number of tests carried out by each individual test chamber per minute. If one of the chambers is temporarily excluded, the activity of the other properly functioning heads can be temporarily accelerated to maintain the requested speed and to avoid unwanted productivity drops.
  • Automatic Speed Adjustment: this feature manages the number of pieces analyzed per minute, by the machine using acceleration and deceleration ramps operated by photocells.
  • Double test pump: the presence of a double pump is very useful to avoid production downtime of the machines testing products using a vacuum, since the entire machine would be unusable if the pump is blocked. Bonfiglioli Engineering provides customers with a risk analysis (based also on data collected through its after-sales service) and install a backup pump which becomes part of the initial supply of the machinery.




Performance monitoring and malfunction resolution system

Bonfiglioli Engineering installs control devices on its machines that monitor operation and allow remote assessment of the conditions, in the event of results not meeting expectations, quickly identifying, and resolving any problems. 

  • EWON router: this router is installed directly into the machine and is connected to the company network. By using EWON, technicians can remotely connect to the machine at any time, with customer authorization, to evaluate its efficiency and resolve any malfunctions early on. EWON can also be used to manage operator training for machine updates or modifications. Data collected through the platform can be analyzed with the customer to identify possible inefficiencies.
  • MES (Manufacturing Execution System): this system allows the machines to connect to the customer's network to share production data (number of tested products, number of compliant products and so on). In the standard version, this system allows the company to collect and download process data for re-processing. The advanced version also works in the opposite direction, allowing data to be sent to the machine which can be managed remotely.


Data protection systems

The management, storage and protection of data collected from devices are increasingly critical to the industry, especially in the pharmaceutical sector. Data must be stored in a secure, permanent, and non-editable manner to ensure full traceability of all parameters and events. In order to comply, Bonfiglioli Engineering software provides special data protection systems:

  • Data integrity standard: all machines comply with FDA regulations and GMP standards regarding proper data storage and protection.
  • Electronic signature: each document is signed electronically by both the operator and the verifier certifying test results for the machines.




Systems simplifying machine use

Bonfiglioli Engineering machines are designed to be used quickly and intuitively by the operator through specific interfaces that facilitate their use.

  • Active Directory: the operator logs directly on to the machine, using the same username used to access the company network.
  • Intuitive and customizable touchscreen interface: the development plans involve the implementation of increasingly user-friendly HMI, allowing operators to organize and customize their work screens.


At Bonfiglioli Engineering, it is more than about a leak inspection and packaging integrity machine. The complexity and details that go into each inspection solution, provide a perfect fit for customer needs, keeping in mind the production throughput and efficiencies of each individual customer.

We are not just a machine manufacturer. We are your trusted partner for packaging integrity testing and analysis through feasibility studies, technical expertise, validation packages, product handling and custom-built solutions.

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